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"on wednesdays we wear pink"


"on wednesdays we wear pink"

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Moments after the draw, the phone rang. “It was Xabi and he was fuming. “Bloody hell, typical. How unlucky am I?’” The only consolation Arbeloa could offer was to tell Alonso he might get there with Bayern Munich.
— Alvaro Arbeloa in The Guardian (via jamie-carragher)

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the fall of a queen


the fall of a queen

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From one generation to the next, 
The Beatles will remain the most
important rock band of all time.
-Dave Grohl

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Anfield on 04/10/14

Anfield on 04/10/14

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just think for a second how much steven gerrard means to liverpool.

think about how many liverpool fans don’t know a liverpool team without him.

think about how many memories his actions on the pitch have created for people across the world.

like think about how many friends get together and reminisce about a night that stevie created for them because he dragged liverpool to a win.think about how many kids have grown up looking up to steven gerrard and going outside to play footy because they wanna be like stevie.think about how many people have named their god damn sons after him. 

think about the fact that for over 15 years he’s dealt with this enormous pressure. this pressure that tells him he can’t fuck up cause there is so much that rests purely on his shoulders. and then consider for a second how stevie is an athlete who journalists associate with anxiety in almost every piece they write on him. it’s not a common trait in superstar athletes is it? i just. 


please never forget how important steven gerrard is and how hard it must be to be steven gerrard sometimes. 

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"Everyone always talks about your performances. What was your view on the way you’ve been performing on the way into this match?" 

Stevie’s post-derby interview